About me

Hello there! 👋

My name is Pritam Chougale, and I’m a creative Digital Marketing Manager with over 5 years of expertise planning, implementing, measuring, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns across all digital platforms. 🙌🏻

Here, something I’m good at.

✅ Developing, implementing, and optimizing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with a positive return on investment

✅ Managing Google Ads and social media ad campaigns that are segmented, customized, and geotargeted.

✅ Developing and implementing a search engine optimization plan to improve Google SERP rankings.

✅ Managing an overall social media marketing plan to spread the word and reach out to a certain audience. I’m capable of managing both paid and organic social media marketing campaigns.

✅ Email marketing – Email campaigns, drip email campaigns, and landing pages for email list building.

I assist businesses in identifying and acquiring suitable leads, as well as converting them into paying clients. I’m responsible for a total ROI of 4:1 at my most recent company.

As an IT graduate, I also enjoy utilizing my technical skills in my marketing initiatives. It assists IT companies in reaching out to the right clients in order to expand their business. 🎓🌱

Apart from my day job, I take out some time on weekends to write some marketing stuff on my blog.
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I love to lead an energetic team and work towards solving problems.

Here are some of my certifications in case you want to have a look.

I am always open to new projects. You can drop me a quick “Hi” contact me here. Don’t worry I don’t send any sales emails or spam!

Here’s my Twitter handle @pritamchougale in case you wanna stay connected.

Let me know if I can help you with anything.