My Email Marketing Offerings

Fees: ₹12,000.00/month

If you wish to start email marketing for your business. I’ll be assisting you with the following things.


  1. Lead magnets on the website to build your email list
  2. ideation and creation of email marketing campaigns
  3. Email autoresponders
  4. Automated email flows – Drip Email campaigns
  5. Email campaigns for an existing database of customers.


  1. Up to 1000 subscribers, the email tool is free to use. If you are planning to have more than 1000 subscribers then you’ll need to upgrade your plan with the email service provider.
  2. To build the email list, we need to give away some valuable content. That piece of content – e-book/ handbook or any other important content will be provided by you.


  1. Number of emails delivered
  2. Number of emails opened
  3. Click-through rate
  4. Click-to-open rate
  5. Unsubscribe rate
  6. Bounce rate (hard and soft)
  7. Spam complaints
  8. Conversions

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