My Pay-Per-Click Marketing Offering

Fees: ₹10,000.00/month

If you choose to work with me for Google Ads, I’ll be doing the following things for you to bring the required result for your business.

key offerings:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitors’ Ads research
  3. Campaign ideation, planning & building
  4. Ad copies writing/designing
  5. Proper placements of display ads
  6. Running and optimizing the campaigns.
  7. Landing page creation/optimization (with the help of the developer).
  8. Creating lead magnets – It is a way to get your visitors’ information in exchange for something valuable.
  9. Weekly reporting


  1. The ad spent will be decided by you.
  2. I don’t charge separately for display ads. That is included.
  3. Everything will be transparent to you. You can check the Google Ads dashboard whenever you want.


  1. Return on Ad Spend
  2. Number of Conversions/conversion rate
  3. CTR
  4. Cost Per Conversions
  5. Number of clicks

More Info: